Porsche Macan GTS Service

This beautiful Porsche Macan GTS came in for service today. Just a short interim intermediate maintenance service, in and out again in a morning. During all services at Wrightune we carry out a series of checks as recommended by the manufacturer in the service scedule. We highlighted to our client that it will need replacement brakes all round. Brake discs and brake pads. We can offer genuine or OEM from the aftermarket at a saving. It also requires a new rear wiper arm and blade and new rear tyres. Once the parts are in the customer will be re booking for the work to be carried out.

We carry out servicing and repair work on all models of Porsche Macan's; Macan Diesel, Macan GTS, Macan 2.0l, Macan S, Macan Turbo.

I personally think they offer a great driving experience and the interior and comfort is absolutley spectacular and superior - Chris

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