Porsche 997 C4S Service

A 997 C4S Cabriolet that has just been in for some relatively major repair work....


As part of our servicing schedule - (carried out on this car in February) rear coolant pipes were highlighted as an issue.


The engine and gearbox were removed allowing us to change the coolant hoses. The brake pipes checked, which were in good condition. These were sprayed with corrosion preventative to keep these in good service for many years to come. An intergear  cover plate seal leak sorted. The Oil Air Separator was also changed, due to the age of this part and it’s likely hood to fail on these models.


The clutch and flywheel had low mileage on and had plenty of life left in them so were re fitted.


A happy customer collected it today on the first dry day in what seems like forever!!! 


Any questions about servicing and repairing your Porsche call 01491 826 911 or email....

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