We were recently asked by a client to improve the ride and feel of his Porsche 996 C4S. After careful discussion we decided to fit the Ohlins shock absorber product as we feel this is the best product on the market at present. The client also wanted a modest 15mm drop all round. Nothing too radical.

To really feel the full benefit and make the car drive and handle like it was new again we replaced every suspension arm on the car. After we carried out a full geometry set up - it now drives better than when it left the factory 18 years ago! The car feels beautiful with its new dampers and suspension components


We also replaced the anti roll bar bushes and drop links. Finally we reconditioned the anti roll bars and many other parts under the car by shot blasting and refinishing them to preserve it for years to come, and maintaining the original parts where possible.


If you would like any suspension help with any model of Porsche, be it one creaky bush or an entire overhaul we will be happy to assist. Please call Chris on 01491 826911 or email chris@wrightune.co.uk

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