Porsche 964 Engine Rebuild

We were recently asked to carry out a Porsche 964 top end engine rebuild. As it is well documented they often suffer from oil leaks at around the 80-100,000 mile mark. This one was suffering from the same issues. With oil leaking from various parts of the engine and smoking slightly whilst running due to worn guides/priston rings, the decision was taken to rebuild the 964 engine. With the bottom end not leaking and the customers budget in mind, and close inspection the bottom end of the engine was in good condition. We replaced the valve guides in the heads as well as refacing them and rebuilt the engine replacing all worn parts using genuine Porsche parts. The 964 engine itself was in remarkably good condition aesthetically despite its age. So we cleaned off the inlet manifold. We replated some choice pieces of the hardwear. We had the fan and cam covers shot blasted and powdercoated in the original OE beige colour. The fan housing was re chromated, a process that we apply in house and is an original Porsche factory process. We aim to kleep everything original and research all processes thoroughly to ensure historical accuracy. Where appropriate we have improved some original finishes and can offer different options.

We always have various air cooled engines on stands in build, so why not pop in to see for yourself what we do here at Wrightune? We are very proud of our engine work and the history we have with competition as well as restoration. We can under take anything from oil changes and valve clearance adjustment, to mechanical overhaul to aesthetic restoration and bespoke unique finishes, upgrades, race engine preparation and development. For example we have several 3.2 Carrera engines we are currently upgrading to 3.4 at present as well as a 1971 2.2 T full engine restoration to concours spec.

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