Cruise Control Retrofits

Cruise control is a popular retrofit for 996 and 986 Boxster models which have drive-by-wire (eGas) throttle systems.  This includes 996 Carrera models from MY2000 onwards, Boxsters from MY2000 onwards, and all 996 Carrera 4 cars.  If you want to fit cruise, it makes sense to fit the OBC at the same time, as a new 4-stalk control unit is required.

We can also retrofit factory cruise control to 997, 991, 987 & 981 Boxster and Cayman models.  This includes fitting of the cruise control stalk, and a new lower cover to the steering column.  The standard retrofit includes a black plastic cover, but if your car has additional leather trim options fitted, you may want to have a leather lower cover.  In this case we can order a matching cover, but this part is much more expensive than the plastic item, and we also require a deposit before ordering.

Cruise Control
(including OBC if not already fitted)

996 C2 (2000-2001)


996 C4 (1999-2001)


996 C2 & C4 (2002-2004)


996 Turbo & GT3 Mk2


Boxster (2000-2002)


Boxster (2003-2004)


Cruise Control
(987, 981, 997 and 991 Models)

Standard Installation


Leather Cover Option


Prices include all materials and labour, but exclude VAT

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