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Q: Do you use Porsche parts for service work?
A: We use genuine or OE Porsche parts, which carry a full warranty.

Q: What oils do you use?
A: We use a 5W-40 Porsche Approved Mobil engine oil on most models, which is a fully synthetic oil from the Porsche A40 Approved Oils list.  This is included in our fixed price service prices.  We find that the 5W-40 viscosity has an advantage in older and higher mileage engines.  Mobil One 0W-40 is used on 987 and 997 models, but is available at extra cost on older cars if required.  On some early cars a thicker viscosity mineral oil is recommended.  We use a Valvoline product of 10w - 60 or 20w - 50 depending on the application.  You can download a list of Porsche approved oils by clicking <HERE>.

Q: Do you have diagnostic equipment?
A: We have diagnostic computers which allows us to interrogate the control modules on all models from 944 and 964 up to the latest 991, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera and Macan cars.  We can read and reset fault codes, change coding, and much more.

Q: Do you do pre and post purchase inspections?
A: Yes, we are happy to accompany you (or go independently) to view prospective purchases, subject to workload and within a reasonable distance. However, we can do a far more thorough inspection, including such items as cylinder leakage tests, if the vehicle is brought to our premises.  We have found that most sellers have come to expect an independent inspection, and are happy to oblige.

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